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Punjabi Samosa $5.90
Punjabi style fried passtry stuffed with spiced vegetable filling.
Chilli Honey Garlic fries $6.90
Deep fried potato fries tossed up with zesty sauce and honey.
Mili Juli Pakora $7.90
Mixed vegetables coated with spiced gram flour batter & deep fried.
Paneer Pakoda $8.90
Triangle cut Cottage cheese coated with spiced gram flour batter and deep fried.
Gobi 65 $8.90
Spicy deep fried cauliflower florets.
Chilli Mushroom $9.90
Battered Mushroom fried with diced onion, capsicum and green chilies.
Veg Ball Manchurian $10.90
Minced mixed vegetable balls in zesty chili garlic sauce served dry.
Chicken 65 $11.90
Boneless chicken cubes tempered with curry leaves and green chilies deep fried.
Chicken Lollipop $12.90
A hot and spicy drumette appetizer shaped like a lollipop.
Chicken Manchurian $12.90
Tender, boneless chicken in ginger-garlic soya sauce.
Chili Chicken $12.90
Bite sized chunks of chicken seasoned with spices & cooked in chili sauce.
Sukka Mutton $14.90
Succulent boneless pieces of lamb cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, spices & coriander. A mouth-watering mutton delicacy from the state of Andhra, Our chef specialty.
Hot Garlic Prawn $14.90
Prawns in an Indo-Chinese fusion of spring onion, red chilli, garlic and chef special sauce.
Tawa Fish Fry $14.90
Beautifully seasoned pan-fried fish.
Sunehri Paneer Tikka(5pcs) $12.90
Homemade paneer marinated and cooked in tandoor.
Banarasi Seekh Kebab(5pcs) $12.90
Mashed mixed vegetables and dry fruits spiced up skewered and roasted in tandoor.
Malai Brocolli(5pcs) $12.90
Brocolli marinated in cream spiced with Indian herbs.
Tandoor Vegetarian Platter $24.90
A delicious platter consisting of the vegetarian tandoori entrees.
Sikandari Tandoori Chicken (Half/Full) $14.90/$27.90
Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and slow cooked in hot clay oven.
Abeer Chicken Tikka (5pcs) $12.90
Boneless chicken with special marginated and cooked in tandoor.
Chicken Malai Kebab (5pcs) $12.90
Succelent juicy pieces of chicken marinated with cheese and cream and cooked in tandoor.
Lahori Mutton Seekh Kebab (5pcs) $14.90
Minced mutton spiced up, skewered and roasted in tandoor.
Kandari Fish Tikka (5pcs) $13.90
Fish fillet marinated with spices and yogurt cooked in tandoor.
Tandoori Prawn (1pc/2pcs) $10.90/$20.90
Tiger prawn marinated with carom seeds and indian spices cooked in tandoor.
Tandoori Non-Vegetarian Platter $29.90
A king's platter consisting of the non-vegetarian tandoor entrees.
Soup of the day (Veg/Non-Veg) $5.90/6.90
Onion Salad $2.90
Green Salad $3.90
Plain Curd $2.90
Subz Raita $3.90
Shahi Methi Paneer $12.90
Homemade cottage cheese cooked in mild creamy gravy with fenugreek.
Palak Paneer $12.90
Cottage cheese cooked with freshly pureed spinach and Indian spices.
Kadai Paneer $12.90
Cottage cheese cooked with onion and tomato and bell pepper.
Paneer Butter Masala $12.90
An irresistible combination of paneer simmered in a rich gravy laden with butter.
Aloo Gobi Sialkoti $12.90
Boiled potatoes and cauliflower tossed with Indian spices.
Aloo Methi Mattar $12.90
Potatoes with green peas cooked in fenugreek leaves & selected spices.
Bhindi Do Pyaza $12.90
Ladies Finger tossed with onions and spices.
Khumb Mattar Masala $12.90
Mushroom and green peas cooked in onion gravy flavored with coriander.
Mix Veg $12.90
Garden fresh mixed vegetables cooked with chef's secret recipe.
Channa Peshwari $11.90
A tantalizing blend of selected spices with chick peas.
Dal Thadka $9.90
Yellow lentil cooked till perfection tempered with cumin & red chili.
Dal Makhani $10.90
Black lentil cooked overnight with cream and butter till perfection.
Butter Chicken $13.90
Boneless tandoori chicken simmered in creamy tomato gravy.
Chicken Tikka masala $13.90
Chicken tikka cooked in spiced onion-based gravy.
Chicken Hariyali Saag $13.90
Boneless chicken cooked with spinach and mild spices.
Chicken Nizami masala $13.90
A home style chicken curry from the state of Lucknow.
Kadai Chicken $14.90
Boneless chicken cooked with onion, tomato and bell pepper.
Chicken Panipath $14.50
A mild tasting chicken with pistachio gravy, Our chef specialty.
Rogan Josh $14.90
An aromatic mutton recipe hailing from Kashmir.
Mutton Nizami $14.90
A home style mutton curry from the state of Lucknow.
Mutton Vindaloo $14.90
A fiery combination of mutton pieces with potato.
A novelty dish from Goa.
Mutton Gulasthan $15.90
Mutton with rich tomato gravy, our chef specialty.
Kheema Mattar Masala $15.90
Minced mutton cooked with onion, tomato, peas and spices garnished with fresh coriander.
Prawn Malai Curry $14.90
Bengali style mouth watering prawn curry cooked in coconut milk.
Prawn Masala $14.90
Prawn cooked with onion and whole spices with thick gravy.
Dum Methi Fish $13.90
A sumptuous fish curry cooked with fenugreek and spices.
Fish Head Curry $22.90
Fish head cooked with local ingredients.
Plain naan $2.90
Butter Naan $3.90
Cheese Naan $4.90
Garlic Naan $3.90
Cheese Naan (Chili/Garlic) $5.90
Peshwari Naan $4.90
Tandoori Roti $2.90
Laccha Paratha $3.90
Pudina Paratha $3.90
Kulcha (Onion/Cheese/Masala/Paneer)$4.90
Unleavened bread with stuffing of choice.
Assorted Naan Basket $13.90
Assortment of mixed naans.
Assorted Roti Basket $12.90
Assortment of mixed rotis.
Sufiana Vegetable Biryani (Veg) $12.90
Assorted vegetables chopped and stir fried with cooked basmati rice infused with whole spices.
Authentic Chicken Dum Biryani $14.90
Tender and juicy chicken marinated in Indian spices & masala, layered with flavorful basmati rice and steamed cooked in dum style.
Authentic Nutton Dum Biryani $15.90
Tender and juicy mutton marinated in Indian spices & masala, layered with flavorful basmati rice and steamed cooked in dum style.
Fish Biryani $14.90
Fish marinated in Indian spices & masala cooked with basmati rice and whole spices.
Kheema Biryani $15.90
Minced Mutton stir fried with cooked basmati rice infused with whole spices.
Prawn Biryani $15.90
Prawns marinated in Indian spices & masala cooked with basmati rice and whole spices. .
Steamed Rice (Veg) $4.90
A bowl of steaming hot long grain Basmati rice from the hills of India.
Jeera Pulao (Veg) $6.90
An Indian dish consisting of flavourful basmati rice spiced with cumin seeds.
Peas Pulao (Veg) $8.90
Basmati rice cooked with green peas and whole spices.
Gulab Jamun $4.90
Milk dumplings fried and simmered in sugar syrup.
Milk dumplings soaked in cream flavored with cardamom, pistachios, rosewater and saffron.
Pista Kulfi $5.90
Indian ice cream packed with the goodness of aromatic cardamom powder and crunchy pistachios and almonds, prepared by evaporating sweetened milk cooking on slow heat for long hours until it thickens.
Gil-E-Firdaus $6.90
An elaborate but memorable sweet dish, which is made commonly in Hyderabad during festivals and weddings. Sago and coarsely-crushed rice are cooked in milk and perked up with a range of ingredients like bottle gourd, nuts, condensed milk and cashew paste to get a lusciously creamy dessert with a unique mouth feel.
Ice Cream - Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango (1 scoop/2 scoop) $2.90/4.90